lundi 25 juin 2012

The conditions governing a blog

First, if you like, you might find dedicated pages to the conditions of the blog such as:

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privacy policy

terms of service




This is important at the legislative level to protect themselves and also to look serious.

Addendum 20/07/2012 : Add at the bottom of your blog : Make money by using shrink links

Last Update : October 08th, 2016  

First, if you want to see a french version of this article, Click Here

Secondly, I wish to inform that the website interface and dashboard were blended the 01/29/2013 and of course it is much better. So the screenshots are outdated. Of course, I'm not going to start this article by a new one because this one is enough big! However, I think!

Addendum 08/31/2013: It's done, and I have reflected I have added some screenshots on Picassa about of the new version which is much better of course! For cons, I do not repost the old photos on the new platform, it is useless! However, I let them because it is possible to revert to the old interface.

Third, this post is an introduction to the interface. with some explanations from me. I do not claim to earn thousands or _ hundreds of dollars, but yet earn between 0 and a few pennies and then a few dollars, it might be the beginning of wealth!

Fourth, I want to ask you that is complex and time consuming to understand. It already takes a good knowledge in blogs, social networks, forums, and certainly many more knowledge!

NOTE: This article is constantly changing ... The date in red above shows the last time I have modified the file which has been created on June 18th 2012. It has been modified regularly by adddenda since then !

Do you want to make money with simple links using shortcuts Adfly?

Shorten, share, cash!

You find an interesting article, slide the article link in the URL gear, send the new URL to your friends, Once people start to click on your Short URL, you start to earn money ! But it is essential to have to wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right, to validate your payment. This is the same principle on Youtube with his ad which passes five seconds before starting the video!

Begin by registering with the following link which is a referral link ), ie inherent to my personal account. When you will sign up and you will log in, will give you a referral link with which you can also promote your own with your friends or readers by writing a post like this or another topic. Mine, it is characterized as follows : ; This link is important because it will earn me 20% for life! And ditto for you when your friends have registered with your referral link (you will receive 20% of their earnings for life!

How to sign up with referral link ?

Mine looks like this:, It is located below, but you can copy this link into your browser and you will start to register:

Please, sign up with my referral link : HERE

Adfly : copy/paste my referral link - copier/coller mon lien de parrainage
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Adfly : join and sign up with my referral link - Enregistrez-vous avec mon lien de parrainage
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Addendum 08/31/2013 - New interface : 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have two type of accounts you choose the first type of course:

  • Link shrinker : Create shortened URLs and earn money 
  • Advertiser : Pay to advertise your website on adfly

Addendum 31/08/2013 - Nouvelle interface :

Partie haute :

 Partie basse :
Login :

This article is quite long, I shortened to avoid scrolling but ultimately, it is very long because of the addenda (Addendum-um being singular in Latin and -a the plural) that I have added.