lundi 25 juin 2012 : Make money by using shrink links

Last Update : October 08th, 2016  

First, if you want to see a french version of this article, Click Here

Secondly, I wish to inform that the website interface and dashboard were blended the 01/29/2013 and of course it is much better. So the screenshots are outdated. Of course, I'm not going to start this article by a new one because this one is enough big! However, I think!

Addendum 08/31/2013: It's done, and I have reflected I have added some screenshots on Picassa about of the new version which is much better of course! For cons, I do not repost the old photos on the new platform, it is useless! However, I let them because it is possible to revert to the old interface.

Third, this post is an introduction to the interface. with some explanations from me. I do not claim to earn thousands or _ hundreds of dollars, but yet earn between 0 and a few pennies and then a few dollars, it might be the beginning of wealth!

Fourth, I want to ask you that is complex and time consuming to understand. It already takes a good knowledge in blogs, social networks, forums, and certainly many more knowledge!

NOTE: This article is constantly changing ... The date in red above shows the last time I have modified the file which has been created on June 18th 2012. It has been modified regularly by adddenda since then !

Do you want to make money with simple links using shortcuts Adfly?

Shorten, share, cash!

You find an interesting article, slide the article link in the URL gear, send the new URL to your friends, Once people start to click on your Short URL, you start to earn money ! But it is essential to have to wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right, to validate your payment. This is the same principle on Youtube with his ad which passes five seconds before starting the video!

Begin by registering with the following link which is a referral link ), ie inherent to my personal account. When you will sign up and you will log in, will give you a referral link with which you can also promote your own with your friends or readers by writing a post like this or another topic. Mine, it is characterized as follows : ; This link is important because it will earn me 20% for life! And ditto for you when your friends have registered with your referral link (you will receive 20% of their earnings for life!

How to sign up with referral link ?

Mine looks like this:, It is located below, but you can copy this link into your browser and you will start to register:

Please, sign up with my referral link : HERE

Adfly : copy/paste my referral link - copier/coller mon lien de parrainage
Click on image to enlarge

Adfly : join and sign up with my referral link - Enregistrez-vous avec mon lien de parrainage
  Click on image to enlarge
Addendum 08/31/2013 - New interface : 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have two type of accounts you choose the first type of course:

  • Link shrinker : Create shortened URLs and earn money 
  • Advertiser : Pay to advertise your website on adfly

Addendum 31/08/2013 - Nouvelle interface :

Partie haute :

 Partie basse :
Login :

This article is quite long, I shortened to avoid scrolling but ultimately, it is very long because of the addenda (Addendum-um being singular in Latin and -a the plural) that I have added.

I - Referral tab:

Before I begin, I must inform you that I have added in Addendum dated and later in this article, with screenshots to provide proofs of referrals (or affiliates) who registered via my referral link. These referrals are signed up in a dedicated file to this purpose: All my referrals, HERE. All earnings with my referrals: HERE.

Once registered, you can navigate with the tabs and select Referrals as below:

Adfly sign up
 Click on image to enlarge

Addendum 31/08/2013 - Nouvelle interface : 

Partie haute

Partie graphique

Partie basse :
Below we note 503 visits for $ 0,459 for earning  from France
We also note 18 visits to a gain of $ 0,042 from the United States.
The ratio is 503/18 = 27.9

So if my traffic came from the United States, my earnings would be: 0.042 x 27.9 = $ 1.17

To give you an idea of the link, here's a screenshot of my personal account is as below:

Adfly - Referrals link
Click on image to enlarge

If you to see all my referrals I have earnt with my referral link : 

However, continuing with the Referrals link because it leads to a orange menu with four options,

the first element, we have just seen, is the referral code or sponsorship,

the second is the Publisher stats,

the third are Advertiser stats on which I will return with an addendum in case I will get some registration avec referral link,

the last element of the banners you will notice horizontal banners, long and smaller, vertical pattern and square shape.

In the picture below, I flew over the banner, with "Make money with your links - Register now", the 4th, where you will notice my referral link that I showed you earlier by flying the banner at the bottom left of my browser.

Adfly - banners - bannières
Click on image to enlarge 

Then, below the banner, there is a text: Display HTML Code , which appears when you click and a code to insert into your favorite blog.

Adfly - code html banners
Click on image to enlarge

Click in this area where is the HTML code, highlight or press Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste. Here is what it would look like on your blog:

To begin with, in order to benefit a blog, there are several platform, but I will choose by simplicity blogger account, but before, do not try, it is mandatory, go to (wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right), to open an email address on gmail and then go to register for a new blog (wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right), and then go. A small digression, you could try alternatives by registering with "SIGN UP" as wordpress for server, wordpress without server, posterous, livejournal, TypePad, OverBlog, tumblr or another platform web log (blog).

Do not bother to write a post for the moment, follow the instructions that come go to "Layout"  blogger's menu (see image below) that will display the image:  

Adfly - blogger Mise en page
Click on image to enlarge
You have a choice in this example, "Add a Gadget" I chose the top of the blog that opens the window below:

Adfly : Ajouter un gadget - Add a gadget
Click on image to enlarge

You can insert your HTML code in the space without giving it a title, press save, you will notice the appearance of " HTML / JavaScript " instead of "Add a Gadget

Adfly : Blogger insérer le code HTML de votre bannière
  Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

Now, just click on preview at the top right and especially, if it suits you, " Save Layout"

Click on image to enlarge

A small adjustment by centering the banner with the code added at the beginning and do not forget the end tag (/ div)

Click on image to enlarge

II - Onglet Tools :

It's not over because we are going back over several links I mentioned above, especially when I mentioned the need to have a google gmail account to access a blogger account. In the link to click, (wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right), in my case relating to my account, the implied link is this:
And yeshere again, affecting my referral link to the Gmail address from Google, I will make money in this way using tools at my disposal into my account.

Adfly : tableau de bord du compte Adfly
Click on image to enlarge

Click Tools tab and in the left menu on easy link

  Click on image to enlarge

Adfly : Tools - Easy Link
Click on image to enlarge

If you have no need for a short URL and you just want to make money from your blog or website, here is the quickest and simplest possible way to earn with ...

Replace "" with whatever URL you wish the user to go to if they skip the advertisement.

You do not need to even login to to use this and your account will be credited in the same way as if you had shortened the link.

If you want the Easy Link with the Banner advertising (less money, but less intrusive):

II - 2 - Tools - Bookmarket :

In the left menu, you have " Bookmarklet ", you will find a link that is blue and orange when you are hover, then click on it without dropping the mouse button to place in the bar below the entry of the URL of your favorite browser (Opera for yours truly here to download  Opera Download -   (wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right), and then go. : bookmarklet
Click on image to enlarge

Now, as a example to shrink a link, just go on a site you like, a particular url of an article, a video or other. As this example I found on plagiarism by Steven Spielberg with his cult film Indiana Jones and the adventurer of the Lost Ark: Se rendre ICI  (wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right), and then go. video which is 282,265 views June 18, 2012.

Click on image to enlarge

Therefore, So how does one by a concrete example with the bookmarklet button located on your browser ? Go to a video or an article, once the video starts, you can press  bookmarklet  button, the image, below, connects to that asks you to sign in with your email address and password and then appears with a shortcut link that may need to copy and (video to 23 149 to August 13, 2012) to send to all your friends: : bookmarklet - shorcut link
Click on image to enlarge
Here this link : (wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right), and then go. This is the shortcut link that offers and mail it anywhere you like. I can post wherever I like, by mail, on a blog, website, forum (s), social networks.

Here is an excerpt from my account from June 10, 2012: : cleroy61 - statistiques mensuelles juin 2012
Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

You may notice that the youtube video link on plagiarism by Steven Spielberg with his cult classic adventurer Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark: Here  (wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right), and then go. has been clicked on 4 occasions (note that while is committing to and Advert Type : Interstitial which is less intrusive than the banner 

II - 3 - Tools - API Documentation : provides you with a simple, yet useful API for your application. Simply have your application access a URL like the following example: 
Replace "" with whatever URL you are wanting shortened. The "key" and "uid" fields must be as they are above or the request will return an error.

Replace "advert_type=int" with "advert_type=banner" if you require the Framed Banner advertising option.

Replace "" with "" if you wish to use our domain.

The shortened URL will be returned to you in the body of the response in plain text. If the request was unsuccessful for any reason you will receive "error" as your response. If the exact link you request is already in your account, the original shortened URL will be returned to you and no new entry added to your account.

There will most likely be special characters in the URL you send, so you must encode the URL with Javascript's encodeURIComponent() or its equivalent in other languages, otherwise your request will fail.

II - 4 - Tools - Google Analytics : 

Ever wished you could have the same statistics that Analytics gives you, in a URL shortener?

Well now you can. Just enter your Analytics tracker code below (in the format shown) and you will be able to view all of the stats in your Google account.

Please allow several hours for your Google account to be updated. Again not really understand, I spent my code, and no news! 

II - 5 - Tools - Full Page Script :

If you have a website with 100's or 1000's of links you want to change over to then please use the script below.

Simply copy-and-paste the code below on to your webpage or blog and the links will be updated automatically - simple!

You can add or remove any domains for the code that you use or your website.

NOTE: There is a code that corresponds to the paragraph above that I can give here. But the explanation is clear enough.

Or if you wish to change every link to on your website (without stating exactly which domains) please use the following code.
NOTE: There is a code that corresponds to the paragraph above that I can give here.
There is a code that corresponds to this paragraph above that I can't give here. You can add as many domains to the exclusion list as you wish. If you want to use Full Page Script with the Banner advertising (less money, but less intrusive) change the following line:
var adfly_advert = 'int';
var adfly_advert = 'banner';

II - 6 - Tools - Website Entry Script :

If you have a website and wish to earn money when a visitor simply enters your site, please use the following script.

Copy-and-paste the code below on to your webpage or blog.

If you advertise your website on a PTC site, it is NOT permitted to include this Website Entry Script that page of your site.

NOTE : There is a code that corresponds to the paragraph above that I can not give it here  

The 'frequency_cap' is the number of times the user will be redirected to advertising in 24 hours.

The 'frequency_delay' is the number of minutes between adverts show to the user, it recommended to keep the default settings.

The 'init_delay' is the number of seconds between the advertising being displayed and your website loading. It is recommended to keep this to a few seconds so that user will see your website first and then our advertising. It reduces the chances of the user clicking the BACK button.

If you want to use the Website Entry Script with the Banner advertising (less money, but less intrusive) change the following line: 
var adfly_advert = 'int';
var adfly_advert = 'banner';

Personally, I used this method, then I abandoned it because I find it heavy! Every time someone comes to the site/blog, advertising engages !

II - 7 - Tools - Export Links & Stats :

Enter dates, click on "Download export ", save the file to open it with excel, calc, gnumeric, or others. The file is in CSV format. An example for making beautiful pie charts with pretty colors, below: download export for excel, calc, gnumeric
Click on image to enlarge download export résultat dans excel, calc, gnumeric
Click on image to enlarge

II - 8 - Tools - Domains :

III - Account :

Enter his name and address, Account type (business or personnal) your username and Paypal account inherent in your email address, you can choose between paypal and payza which are extremely serious.
To create a Paypal account :

To create a Payoneer account : Payoneer

IV - Withdraw :

As you can see, I won $ 0.05 in eight days. withdraw paypal payza
Click on image to enlarge

Your winnings will automatically be paid before midnight on the next payment date (Monday, July 2, 2012) if your income totaled $ 5.00 or more for the previous month.

Please make sure your PayPal/Payza account email below is correct, otherwise you can not be paid.

If you want to deliberately miss a payment, please remove your payment information from your account before the first of the month.  

At the Earnings or conclusion part !

V - Forum: 

This part will be an article on tips to put in place to multiply these gains using shortened links.

However, I give you anyway the URL of the adfly forum  (wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right) :

This is important because in this forum, there is a topic of payment proofs - payment proof that will convince you a little more (wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right) :

Here one of them which shows how he earnt $ 3 000 per month  (wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right) :

Addendum 08/24/2013: For the skeptics, here are two links to the forum part with very substantial monthly payments, up to you to find a niche.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is forbidden to use the shrink button in the direction of the forum! otherwise you will be banned!

VI - Rates :

A note on the screen shot below about rates which vary from week to week: 08/31/2012 traffic from the USA was $5.56 and a year after 08/30/2013, traffic from the USA is $8.55. Due to an error, proposed a rate of $16.81 from USA on 08/30/2013. : tarifs - rates
Click on image to enlarge

Addendum 31/08/2012
PaysCPV UniqueCPV Raw
United States $5.56 $2.58
Canada $1.46    $1.03 
United Kingdom $5.43  $3.48 
Australia $3.29 $1.98 
France $2.99 $1.93

 Addendum : 23 Août 2013

Addendum 23/08/2013
PaysCPV UniqueCPV Raw
United States $8.55 $3.93
Canada $3.03    $1.56
United Kingdom $5.27  $2.70
Australia $3.68 $1.75
France $2.74 $1.40

 Addendum : 30 Août 2013 

Addendum 30/08/2013
PaysCPV UniqueCPV Raw
United States $16.81 $7.86
Canada $5.92    $3.09 
United Kingdom $10.57  $5.46 
Australia $7.28 $3.45 
France $4.51 $2.40

VII - Knowledges base :

VIII - methods :

1 - Méthod 1 - photographies with RedGage :

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not buy advertising if you use this method because I put a thumbnail and a link to enlarge it. This site where I post my photos wants traffic through social networks otherwise you will be banned and I do not want, nor nor for RedGage! The method I apply it to my blog dedicated to, link you find below :

2 - All Methods : If you want to see more methods to create earnings with :

More methods HERE

3 - Method : Creating PDF/e-book :

"How to make your own perfume at home ?" - table of fashion contents (english version PDF) : ICI

and "Comment réaliser son parfum à la maison ?" french version of PDF : ICI

IX - My website :

I wrote a small blog about photos, articles I've written and unusual videos I found on the internet to share my tastes:
My photos Works

X - terms : 

XI - Records :

2 000 views on my presentation article 

XII - My earnings with : 

My adfly earnings : Here

→ My first  adfly's withdraw into : HERE

XIII - Free e-books to download :

Addendum - 04/06/2014 :
I have realized an article that is a table of contents constantly evolving on ebooks that allow to increase traffic to your blogs and many others techniques ; it will increment over the my findings :

XIV - Plagiarism : 

Addendum - 01/10/2012 : Ajout de ce paragraphe ci-dessous pour rigoler un peu !

A parenthesis is off topic in relation to this post, and that I wanted mentioned: An individual has completely copied the article you read, so I have decided to show it to earn money with his stupidity, like a little friendly revenge. Human stupidity is immeasurable. I have made screenshots of his article so you can compare it to mine, ie the article you are reading. The URL of this site below shows he has deleted the content, but my screenshots shows the contrary; wink and without rancor of course:

a - His blog :

b - Below, the proof of the plagiarism in another article : HERE

XV - Resume :

This application is scabrous to identify as it takes knowledge to achieve results without being deleted his account because the rules are strict and should not depart from it! I highly recommend this app, but it will take first basic knowledge, and secondly perseverance.

Reminder of my main links

  • A presentation, rather long, of the interface with some comments from me on the experience I have of Adfly (french article/tutorial) : HERE
  • English version Tutorial/Article : HERE
  • My referrals obtained by my referral link : HERE ; or in a PDF : HERE
  • My earnings with my referrals : HERE
  • My earnings with my links : HERE
  • All records : HERE 
  • Method : HERE
  • Scattered Methods : HERE ;
  • Generic Table of Contents : HERE
  • [PDF] Table of Contents - Fashion : HERE
  • [PDF] Table of ContentsHealth – Nutrition : ICI
  • [PDF] Table of Contents - Gagner de l'argent/Earn money : 
    •  Liste des sites PTC : ICI
      •  PaidVert$: Gagner de l'argent toutes les 30 secondes : ICI
      •  PlanB4You : Gagner 2€ par jour en cliquant sur 10 pubs prenant moins de 5 minutes : ICI
      •  PTCUltimate - Site sérieux et de confiance : ICI
      •  ClickSense - créé en 2007, un des plus sérieux : ICI
      •  NeoBux - créé en 2008, un des plus sérieux : ICI ; Gains : ICI 
      •  GoldenClix - une mine d'or : ICI
      •  SilverClix : Le petit frère de GoldenClix : ICI
      •  ClixTen - créé en 2012, programme à long terme : ICI
      •  WordLinx - Le plus ancien, créé en 2003, programme très sérieux : ICI ; Gains : ICI
    •  Mode : 
      •  Réaliser son propre parfum à la maison (Français) : ICI
  • → My first adfly's withdrawl into Paypal : ICI

We do not have the opportunity to reach you by email when registering, or even after it, so when I have a plethora of inactives referrals, I would relaunch them but I can't do it. So if you need to reach me, I give you my nickname on Twitter: @cleroy61 first, which will allow me to converse with you by providing my email then if you want to better understand the mysteries of platform!

Then a parenthesis to finish, having clicked on the images to enlarge, again, I will earn money. By cons, we have not discussed how to make money with this application. Well, I will still ask you to follow instructions as the link below which is also a referral link that will make me earn money besides pictures clicked  (wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" at the top right) :

Please, sign up with my referral link : ICI

That's it for this article. Did you enjoy the content, then do me a favor by spreading on social networks at your disposal with the AddThis button at the end of article. The major social networks are Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google+, Friendfeed, MySpace, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg and undoubtedly many others. So a little click and my traffic and my audience will increase ! Thank you in advance!

That is, if you have any comments, leave your comments below.

Have a nice day  !

The best for you !


NOTE: Photo (s) and content are original and should not be used without permission of the author - Christophe Leroy - aka cleroy61, Copyright 2014 to Today All rights reserved.

All third party products, trademarks or marks
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