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Article: Refban - make money by displaying banners, by referring other users, by purchasing advertising

Hi everybody,

Last update : March 03rd, 2015 

This RefBan presentation is carried out for a better understanding, because it is not easy to understand, even in French, but it is with great confidence that I approach this article. Also, I have checked that this platform belongs to another company named Rogue (, registered in England with Company Number and which has another site, WordLinx a PTC website (Paid-To-Click, earn money by clicking ads) that exists since 2003. I It has (see my tutorial on this subject in french: HERE in English: HERE) a forum which has referred to RefBan. Also, I would add that it is a brief translation, even now quite substantial, then you will find in this post a full translation in another article/tutorial (HERE) added some comments from me.

Also, as and when I took the opportunity to announce that I will add Addenda (Addendum singular) to monitor my personal account and my RefBan payments and also of course to raise the interest in this application. So stay tuned ...

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the end of this article, you have the translation of news in french  that announce changes, updates, news, deletions, etc ...

How to make money by displaying banners ?

I - Quickly, how does RefBan work ? 

Refban has transformed the tired old model of banners in an exciting new opportunity for members and advertisers! Earn with Referral banners is as simple as 1, 2, 3 ...

1 - Refban pay a guaranteed amount per day to display banners on your website.
(0.05$ per day as a member, 0.10$ per day as a Pro)

2 - Refban will pay you for every free member that you refer and in turn, free member is also displaying the RefBan banner on their blog. (0.01$ per day AND per new referral as a member, 0.02$ per day AND per new referral as a Pro)

3 - Refban will pay affiliate commissions for any of your referrals who will purchase advertising ;
Here are the amounts you will receive:

  • Package 15$ :2.25$ per day as a member, 4.5$ per day as a Pro
  • Package 27$ :4.05$ per day as a member, 8.1$ per day as a Pro
  • Package 50$ :7.50$ per day as a member, 15$ per day as a Pro
  • Package 115$ :17.25$ per day as a member, 34.5$ per day as a Pro 
  • Package 190$ :28.50$ per day as a member, 57.00$ per day as a Pro

Table to buy impressions
ImpressionsPricePrice CPMSave
50 000 Impressions
15$0.30$ CPM
100,000 impressions27$  0.27$ CPM
- 3$!
200,000 impressions50$ 0.25$ CPM
- 10$!
500,000 impressions115$0.23$ CPM

- 35$!
1,000,000 impressions190$0.19$ CPM
- 110$!

NOTE IMPORTANTE : RefBan is affiliated with companies identified Rogue as I said in the introduction, which owns another company called WordLinx which offers to earn money by clicking on advertisements.

When you have registered with my WordLinx referral link: HERE or before you read my english tutorial HERE , in french : HERE or you have consulted with my earnings, HERE, you will notice that WordLinx offers to rent referrals to related benefits, which, among others, grants you 50% discount for buying a Refban package mentioned in the picture above.

RefBan Table
Conditions MembersAdvertisers
Base rate for displaying banners daily *$0.05+$0.10+
Base rate for displaying banners daily (ten levels) *$0.01+  $0.02+
Affiliate sales commission (direct referrals)15% 30%
Maximum earnings per sale$28.50$57.00
Minimum cashout threshold$100$50
Minimum commissions before cashout5 sales2 sales

 * This rate will increase with the more active referrals you have.

4 - If one of your referrals updates into a Pro account, you will earn $ 25.00 per Referral for a year.

To summarize: On this blog at the top, you will notice an orange banner that earns me $ 0.05 per day as a member and $0.10 as a Pro. I have got other blogs that make me earning anything. It is the small 1 mentioned earlier in this article. 

The little 2 is the referral link with which I earn money when you will sign up with AND you MUST display banners otherwise it has almost no interest to sign up with my referral link. You will earn me 0.01$ per day AND per referral as a single member and 0.02$ per day AND per referral  to understand the system of 10 levels, go to my article below, but it is in French

The small 3 is buying advertising by exchanging for impressions or additional traffic that will save you 15% of the package as a member and 30% as Pro(Warning see below the important note on this, in situations not to commit).

The little 4 is a $ 25.00 commission when Referral upgrades to a Pro account.

Addendum November 20, 2013: The system of ten levels has been removed by a new one that saves $ 0.01 per day AND per referral. You can find this news in 19: Stats dashboard bar referrals and more! November 12, 201.  See news below !

Addendum February 01, 2015 : Free members will earn $0.005 USD per referral per day and Pro members will earn double, 0.01$! 

That's up to $0.31 USD each per month - imagine what you could earn with 20, 50 or 100 active referrals, even much more !

II - The criteria of an active referral are :