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NeoBux : Make money with PTC websites !

Last update : 24th February 2015

First, if you want to read an french version of this article (Premièrement, si vous voulez lire une version française de cette article), cliquez ici

Second, I advise this is a short presentation with some explanations from me and my experience on this platform. I have devoted an exclusive blog for PTC sites. I do not claim to earn thousands or even hundreds of dollars, but earn between 0 and a few pennies, then a few euros, it may be the beginning of wealth!

Third, here are my earnings and my activity since my record the October 2, 2013 only by clicking proposed by day on NeoBux Ads :

Article réalisé le 07/11/2013 et les gains déjà gagnés ci-dessous :

Fourth, here are my earnings since my record the October 2, 2013 only by clicking the proposed AdPrize per day on NeoBux (lottery) : HERE

I - Do you want make money by clicking on ads ?

Neobux is an advertising system called pay-per-click or paid-to-click (PPC or PTC). You will pay once you will have to click on ads to confirm your payment.

You will earn money by others methods like : 

  • by clicking on advertisements,
  • by advertising your own websites,
  • by advertising your Neobux referral link or other site where you are registered,
  • by spreading your referral link on social networks,
  • by your new referrals, direct or rented
  • by winning the AdPrize lottery
  • by participating in Neopoints, NeoCoins and odd jobs offers
  • or you will earn other options proposed by Neobux

II - How to understand Neobux interface ?

I have written a tutorial in two parts because it is very long and blogger does not support big file during recording.

In Part 1 of this tutorial, I introduce you how to register, the comparative table of members and their potential earnings, banners, statistics, personal settings, rates of advertisements, offers (neopoints, neocoins, odd jobs ).

In Part 2, I stated the forum, FAQ, help, the table of potential earnings with the different packages (standard, golden, ultimate), Neobux on social networks, support in case of emergency, terms and conditions, records, my conclusions.

For a tutorial in French, it is: Partie 1, Partie 2 ; (version française)
For an English version, it is: Part 1 ; Part 2 ;

III - How to sign up with NeoBux ?

To sign up with confidence, please visit this site using my referral link below :

Sign Up with my referral link : HERE

IV - Need help ? How to start with NeoBux ?

FREE PDF Only in french ; You  can use Google Translate ! Very useful, avoid beginner mistakes.

[PDF] Conseils d'investissement de départ sur Neobux ? : ICI
[PDF] Comment dois-je recycler les filleuls loués sur Neobux ? : ICI

[PDF] Tableau conseils d'investissement de départ sur Neobux ? : ICI
[PDF] Conseils d'investissement de départ avancés sur Neobux : ICI

[PDF] Conseils d'investissement de départ avancés plus une astuce sur Neobux : ICI

Have a good day!

The best for you!


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