mardi 28 août 2012

Adfocus : RedGage photography method - 1

First, if you want to see and read this article in french version, please (Si vous voulez consultez une version française de cet article, alors s'il vous plaît) : Click Here

This article will talk about one of the ways to earn money with Links to my photographies on RedGage. Click on the link below the thumbnail, wait 5 seconds and click "skip Ad" button at the top right of the screen.

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samedi 25 août 2012 - Lesson 1 : shrink a link, share it, earn money

Adfocus : raccourcir vos liens, partager-les et encaisser le pognon
Rendez-vous, ici pour vous inscrire

If you want to see and read a french version of this article  (Premièrement, si vous voulez lire une version française de cet article) : Cliquez ICI

Then this post is a presentation of the interface with some explanations from me. I do not pretend to earn thousands of dollars, yet earn between 0 and a few pennies and a few dollars, it might be the beginning of wealth!

Do you want earn money with simple shrink links by using ?

Shrink, share, earn !

You find an interesting article, you drag the link to the article in the URL reducer, you send that URL to your friends, Once people start clicking on your URL, wait 5 seconds and click "skip Ad" button at the top right of the screen, you begin to earn money! This is the same principle on Youtube with his pub which passes five seconds before starting the video!

Begin by registering with the following link which is a referral link, ie, inherent to my personal account. Once you will log in, will give you a referral link with which you can also promote your own with your friends or readers by writing a post like this or another topic, by positioning it on a forum, by sending mail, etc., and it is characterized as follows:; This link is important because it will save me 20% for life to your activity ! And ditto for you when your friends have registered with your referral link, you will receive 20% of their earnings for life!

A referral link is not a scam, it will increase MY gains and YOUR earnings, increase your visibility on social networks doing almost nothing.

How to register with the referral link?

Mine looks like this:, it is below, but you can copy this link into your browser and you begin to register: : Pour s'enregistrer
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