samedi 25 août 2012 - Lesson 1 : shrink a link, share it, earn money

Adfocus : raccourcir vos liens, partager-les et encaisser le pognon
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If you want to see and read a french version of this article  (Premièrement, si vous voulez lire une version française de cet article) : Cliquez ICI

Then this post is a presentation of the interface with some explanations from me. I do not pretend to earn thousands of dollars, yet earn between 0 and a few pennies and a few dollars, it might be the beginning of wealth!

Do you want earn money with simple shrink links by using ?

Shrink, share, earn !

You find an interesting article, you drag the link to the article in the URL reducer, you send that URL to your friends, Once people start clicking on your URL, wait 5 seconds and click "skip Ad" button at the top right of the screen, you begin to earn money! This is the same principle on Youtube with his pub which passes five seconds before starting the video!

Begin by registering with the following link which is a referral link, ie, inherent to my personal account. Once you will log in, will give you a referral link with which you can also promote your own with your friends or readers by writing a post like this or another topic, by positioning it on a forum, by sending mail, etc., and it is characterized as follows:; This link is important because it will save me 20% for life to your activity ! And ditto for you when your friends have registered with your referral link, you will receive 20% of their earnings for life!

A referral link is not a scam, it will increase MY gains and YOUR earnings, increase your visibility on social networks doing almost nothing.

How to register with the referral link?

Mine looks like this:, it is below, but you can copy this link into your browser and you begin to register: : Pour s'enregistrer
Cliquez sur Sign Up
Please, register with my referral link : Here

IMPORTANT NOTE: You only have one type of account, you will choisirrez as a publisher (publisher): 

I - Home Page tab :

Once you are registered and logged in, you fall on the Home page as below with two images : : Home : Home

II - Account Info tab :

In Account info tab, fill in your first name, last name, address, phone number and Paypal ou AlertPay address like below  : : Account Info

III - Referrals tab :

Then, we go to the "Referral" tab which mine is :, It is with him that you "must" register.; brackets because it is not an obligation, but just to remind you, gain 20% on your adfocus activity and ditto for you when you will connect with your affiliates referral link. : Referrals

Addendum 17/11/2012 : My first referral

Addendum 19/09/2013 : Mon 5e affilié

In this tab, you will notice the following sentence below REFERRAL CENTER on which you must click to bring up all the banners offered by the site like the image below :
View our Referral Banners: : bannières proposées
Pour le moment pas d'inscription avec mon lien de parrainage, mais lorsque quelqu'un prendra cette initiative, j'ajouterai un addedum à cet article.

IV - Payment history tab :

Then, I select "payment history" tab like this  : : payment history

V - Tools tab :

Now, I click I click on one of the most important parts of the platform, the "Tools" tab, then the first option, site link shortener : : Tools

V - 1 - Site link shortener : : Tools - Site link Shortener

As shown in the explanation of this page, you have a website or blog with a lot of links that would take a long time to do manually, so offers a service that automatically convert all links to shortened URLs as an example :

Once a user will visit your site and will click on links, statistics will start showing and your earnings too.

V - 2 - API button :

Then, the second button is an API will serve software or application. I do not know how to use it.

By cons as indicated , error indicate 0, no error will return a Short URL.

V - 3 - full page script button :

The third button provides a "full page script." Again, I do not really understand. Move towards the forum for more explanation. id_user and domains_include or domains_exclude are variable to change. My id_user is 43,769.

V - 4 - Auto overlay script button :

Addendum - 02/10/2013 : Ce script a été supprimé de la panoplie. Voici l'annonce sur le site :
Sep 11, 2013    We've removed the Auto Site Overlay script. Please discontinue use of this tool

The fourth and last button auto overlay script, as described in the definition of this page:

Our  auto overlay script tool allows you to earn money from automatic loading of ads on your site . This script takes the URL of the visitor who is currently browsing your website and automatically display advertising When the user clicks "Skip", they returned to the same page. Once the user enters on your blog, you get paid.

id_user (your user ID),
frequency_cap (the maximum times an ad is displayed in 24 hours),
delay_nextad (the delay time, in minutes, between ads), and
delay_pageload (the delay time, in seconds, before an ad is displayed after a user loads the page).

These variables determine when the ads will be displayed. The rest is automatic!
Use the auto overlay script of pages that do not count and display variables. When users submit a form or other data $ _POST.

Take the script that is provided, then go to your admin Layout Page of your blog and click on "Add a Gadget" to insert and apply this code. Visit the blog and wait a few seconds where should appear a full page advertisement that will show at the top right, and after a 5 second countdown, "Skip" button appears. By clicking above, you landed on the site. See the screenshots below :

VI - Advertise tab :

VII - Payment Rates tab :

Addendum 19/09/2013
PaysCPV UniqueCPV Raw
United States $7.00 $7.00
New Zealand $5.60    $6.00 
United Kingdom $5.20  $6.00 
Netherland $5.10 $5.50 
France $1.80 $1.90

I do not do the whole list but roughly, countries in the English language and the countries of northern Europe are well furnished in a single CPV rate


IX - Support :

X - Forum :

XI - Methods :

Addendum 19/09/2013 :

IMPORTANTE NOTE : Do not buy advertising (Advertisers) if you use this method because I put a thumbnail image and a link below to enlarge. This site where I post my photos wants traffic coming through social networks or you will be banned and I do not want, nor or for RedGage!

1 - : photographies Methods 1 with RedGage :

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not buy advertising if you use this method because I put a thumbnail and a link to enlarge it. This site where I post my photos wants traffic through social networks otherwise you will be banned and I do not want, nor nor for RedGage! The method I apply it to my blog dedicated to, link you find below :

Photos Method with RedGage HERE

2 - If you want to see more ideas to create earnings with :

More methods HERE

3 - You can see the little part of my amateur photographic work with this example :

XII - Terms :

Read carefully the terms and conditions of use and especially what not to do for fear of being banned:

XIII - My website :

I wrote a small blog about photos, articles I've written and unusual videos I found on the internet to share my tastes:
My work with

XIV - My earnings with AND RedGage : 

Here, my earnings with RedGage  :


Please, register with my referral link :

Adfocus : raccourcir vos liens, partager-les et encaisser le pognon

That's it for this article. Did you enjoy the content, then do me a favor by spreading on social networks at your disposal with the AddThis button at the end of article. The major social networks are Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google+, Friendfeed, MySpace, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg and undoubtedly many others. So a little click and my traffic and my audience will increase ! Thank you in advance!

First, my thumbnail pictures that you've seen above, I sent on a website (imagecherry), and then they give me a code HTML for copy / paste on my blogs / websites, on a forum too. Do you Want to know how to earn money by uploading your images and photos? Sign up for free with my referral link below:

Second, you want to earn money by downloading a file? Sign up for free with my referral link below:

Have a nice day  !

The best for you !


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