lundi 30 décembre 2013 : Method ideas

1 - : Photography Méthods RedGage :

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not buy advertising if you use this method because I put a thumbnail and a link to enlarge it. This site where I post my photos wants traffic through social networks otherwise you will be banned and I do not want, nor nor for RedGage! The method I apply it to my blog dedicated to, link you find below :

Photos Method with RedGage HERE

You can see the little part of my amateur photographic work with this example :

To see it, Click HERE

Do you want to read a tutorial about Interface :


2 - Prefer a blog in English

in view of payment in relation to the origin of the traffic.

3 - Find free ebooks

or call yourself these ebooks which will encourage users to get your work by clicking on the link to download it. Be scrupulous in the organization of this ebook, or reading yourself and doing you go over to the people around you to initiate constructive comments.

4 - Find a niche develop it with free ebook 

5 - A backgrounder on the political blog (To avoid because it's nothing but trouble),

  • one on sport,
    • bodybuilding, fitness, 
    • martial sports (karaté, judo, aïkido, english and french boxe, etc ...
    • auto, moto, karting, rallye,
    • white/winter sport
    • rugby, etc ...
    • world Cup,
    • olympics games,
    • world championshps
  • one on finance, 
  • one on the economy,
  • one on the health,
    • fitness,
    • alternative medecine,
    • plants,
    • massage
  • one on cooking (idem), 
  • one on technology, 
  • one on the web 2.0 (idem),
  • one on video games,
  • one on on games, bridge, chess, checkers, monopoly, 
  • one on on music,
    • Learn how to play musical instrument
    • Singing,
    • Music by computer,
  • Draw, paint, comics books,
  • Meditation, yoga, music ...
  • Clairvoyance, Western astrology and Chinese astrology, numerology, tarot (idem),
  • Cooking (idem),
  • Hair, makeup,
  • Fashion, clothes, shoes, men and women,
  • DIY, tiles, wallpaper, electrical, plumbing, carpentry,
  • Gardening, flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruit trees
  • Analog and digital photography, lenses, accessories,
  • one on culture which to will generate one on free music that you find on the internet,
    • videos,
    • movies,
    • TV series,
    • cartoons,
    • comics,
    • photographers,
    • cooking,
    • painters,
    • sculptors
    • etc ... the ideas are endless because with them they can give you huge sub-themes! Your turn to play
    • ... 

These are generic themes, this is to remember and those who are important to you, for you to develop. Your turn to play ...

6 - If you build a blog with blogger, leave a comment in this post which will allow me to visit your profile where your list of blogs that I could browse to help you in increasing your visits and your earnings consequently.

7 - That these tips with this method is useful for your own work as your photos, but use a niche, and do not hesitate to make a blog per niche.

8 - You could use the Advertiser section to create campaigns to increase your traffic.

I insist on the photos I post on my blog, I mention in Chapter X, this type of site on which I post (Staree and RedGage) refuses any traffic from anything other than social networks.

9 - I should have started with that! Develop a plan for publishing your notes by scheduling in advance.

10 - To increase traffic, send the name of your blog and a slogan on twitter everyday.

11 - Register your site on all search engines (Russian, Chinese, Indian, etc ...) and directories.

12 - To be If patient is THE quality to possess, do not despair because even when it will happen, you will always come back and, the second be serious and methodical ...

13 - Making videos with a link in the video description and if you can, put a link or more clickable links in the video. Music is the area where there is the most clicks!


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