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Paidvert$ : Earning money every 30 seconds!

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Last updated: May 20th, 2015

This is a presentation of PaidVert$ is a revolutionary and outstanding concept!

Quickly for the dubious people who would hesitate to register. What is a PTC site? It is a platform and an advertising system that allows to earn money by clicking on advertisements. So this method is called Paid-To-Click (PTC).

However, a digress is necessary for the site Paidvert$ because its concept is completely different because there is not, first, referrals for rent, and secondly, click on at least four pubs is  mandatory in other PTC websites. I strongly suggest you check out the FAQ that I have translated in french below for more precision because it is very explicit or visit their forum.

Go to the translation of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) that I made ​​to understand that this system is not easy to understand at the outset
or visit their forum : HERE

Quickly though! Paid Ads will be delivered to your account every day. All you have to do is copy three lines of text about the ad. And then you visit web site for 30 seconds to unlock your cash payment immediately. That's it! Your balance is incremented automatically! The amount of ads can range from $ 0.0005 to $ 200. You read correctly! With supporting evidence! But it will take time and experience to reach that amount.  

By cons, if you want an investigation and review article - Paidvert$ Review - Investigation : HERE and superlative explanation about BAP, please visit this article : HERE;

This article is divided into several other articles to ease this file and also not to repeat the work already done by me, you can read my short experience

My records of the largest Ads: HERE

[Tab.] Table of my earnings in July 2014 : HERE
[Tab.] Table of my earnings in August 2014 : HERE
[Tab.] Table of my earnings in September 2014 : HERE
[Tab.] Table of my earnings in October 2014 : HERE
[Tab.] Table of my earnings in November 2014 : HERE
[Tab.] Table of my earnings in December 2014 : HERE
[Tab.] Table of my earnings in January 2015 : HERE
[Tab.] Table of my earnings in February 2015 : HERE
[Tab.] Table of my earnings in March 2015 : HERE
[Tab.] Table of my earnings in April 2015 : HERE

 Paidvert$ -

[PIC.] This one : HERE ; the second : HERE

My Flash page : An ad at $20 value as a record
for 30 seconds only !
(Please, wait 5 seconds and click on "Skip Ad or Passer l'annonce")

[PDF] A starting investment strategy from $ 30 : HERE
[PDF] If you want to know how $ Paidvert attributes these Ads, visit a pdf that I have arranged on another of my blogs : HERE.

To register with confidence, please visit this site by using my referral link below:

➔ Please, Register with my Paidvert$ referral link : HERE
If you want to see my list of trusted PTC site, please go : HERE.

If you want to see my list of scam PTC sites, please go : HERE.



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